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Why you can still travel to Ibiza in 2020 with no hesitation


Why you can still travel to Ibiza in 2020 with no hesitation

  6. August 2020

Empty beaches, sleepy places, hippie vibe: the magical island of Ibiza blossoms into true beauty and reminds us of earlier days in the 70s and 80s. The spirit of Ibiza, the special attitude towards life that only the Balearic Islands have, can now be experienced even more intensely.

As there are fewer tourists on the island, you have more time to enjoy it in its true beauty. The tradition, with all the hospitality of the local Ibizan people, is even more tangible than usual. This makes it possible to dive even deeper into the culture and enjoy the enchanting places of Ibiza even more. Strolling through the towns of the island, driving along long coastal roads or enjoying the romantic flair with a glass of wine while looking towards the sea, the harbor or Dalt Vila – and all this without mass tourism! With a scooter or a rental car it is easiest to visit all the beautiful spots, and at this time of year you can also get quite cheap offers.

The beaches are not crowded with tourists. The most popular spots in the beach bar in the first row are still free. Long searches for a nice shady place on the beach are not necessary. No queuing or waiting in front of the bars, clubs and restaurants will not cause unnecessary stress. Tips for excursions and food guides can be found in other blog articles on our website.

All arrangements have been made in accordance with the current regulations. Hotels, bars and attractions have used the past few months to develop functioning hygiene concepts. These not only guarantee a safe holiday, but are also very simple so that the holiday can be enjoyed to the full. So nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable stay on Ibiza.

In the current quieter times away from the normal hustle and bustle, it is especially good to relax and recover from stressful everyday life. Despite the current regulations due to new safety concepts, holidays on the Balearic Island can be started safely and without hesitation.


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