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Clubs In Ibiza

Clubs In Ibiza



Ibiza, the Party Island, is a haven for night owls, music enthusiasts, and anyone with a penchant for vibrant nightlife. The heart of this nocturnal paradise throbs in the rhythm of music emanating from the multitude of clubs in Ibiza. Amidst this realm of night parties and dance floors, Ibiza Selected offers a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility with its exquisite range of villas. Ensconce yourself in opulence during the day, and as night falls, step out to meld with the throbbing pulse of Ibiza’s night scene.

10 Best Nightclubs in Ibiza – Where to Party at Night in Ibiza?

The dance of the night begins at dusk, only to end at the early rays of dawn. This dance finds its stage in the plethora of clubs that dot the island. Each club is a realm in its own right, with a unique vibe, music genre, and crowd. Ibiza’s club culture is a spectacle, a realm where electronic music, house music, and various musical genres interweave to create a tapestry of unforgettable experiences.

Hï Ibiza Superclub

Hï Ibiza, standing on the grounds of the legendary Space, continues the legacy of its predecessor while bringing in a fresh vibe. The heart of Hï Ibiza beats with electronic music, reverberating through its state-of-the-art sound system. Every summer season, its dance floor becomes a melting pot where people from every corner of the globe unite. The likes of David Guetta and Martin Garrix have graced its decks, making the club synonymous with quality electronic music. Its location in Playa d’en Bossa makes it a central hub for club enthusiasts, with Ibiza Selected’s luxurious villas being just a short drive away.

Amnesia Ibiza nightclub and Amnesia Ibiza Superclub

Amnesia is not just a club; it’s a legend. With its roots digging deep into the Ibiza club culture, it has been a playground for the night-loving souls for decades. The club is famous for its foam parties and the iconic ice cannons that cool down the heated dance floor. Its music genres span from techno to trance, and its famous parties like the Fiesta Del Agua are a spectacle of joy and cam

araderie. Dress code here leans towards the casual, but each event might have its own set of guidelines. And when the night has taken its toll, the comforting embrace of Ibiza Selected’s villas awaits to rejuvenate the revelers for the next night.

Lío Ibiza and Lío Ibiza Superclub

Perched overlooking Marina Ibiza, Lío is a tapestry of cabaret, club, and restaurant. It’s where the sophisticated crowd mingles, where live performances narrate tales of fantasy, and where the night dons a cloak of elegance. Lío is not just about loud music and dancing till dawn; it’s a narrative that unfolds as the night progresses. Its unique blend of dining, entertainment, and clubbing makes it a gem in Ibiza’s nightlife scene. And as the night sky casts its veil over Marina Ibiza, the lights of Lío beckon the night wanderers to indulge in a narrative of music, dance, and elegance.

Ibiza Club Entry Prices and TICKET PRICES

The magic of the Ibiza night comes with a price tag, albeit a worthy one. Entry prices to these coveted clubs vary, with factors such as the event, artist lineup, and the season playing a significant part. Early bird tickets often provide a wallet-friendly option, while VIP tables offer a slice of exclusivity amidst the pulsating crowd. It’s not just about a night of music; it’s about the experience, the ambiance, and the memories etched into the heartbeats of the night.

Eden Ibiza nightclub and Eden Ibiza Superclub

In the heart of San Antonio, Eden Ibiza stands as a realm where night revelers lose themselves in the rhythmic beats of house and trance. With its state-of-the-art sound system and a captivating atmosphere, it beckons the lovers of loud music to immerse in its aura. The club hosts nights where renowned DJs like Paul van Dyk set the dance floor ablaze. And as the dawn hints at the horizon, the party doesn’t end; it merely takes a pause, only to resume with the next dusk.

Ushuaïa Ibiza Superclub

Ushuaïa is where the day parties defy the setting sun to merge with the night. The open-air club setting, with a massive pool in the center, sets a vibrant stage for the day’s last light to dance with the night’s first star. Renowned for its extravagant productions and live performances by the crème de la crème of the electronic music industry like Calvin Harris, it’s a venue where the summer months are a cascade of music, lights, and euphoria. The beats here are not confined by walls; they meld with the breeze and narrate the tale of Ibiza’s insatiable love for music.

Octan club Ibiza and Octan Ibiza

Nestled away from the limelight, Octan Ibiza offers a dive into the underground club culture of Ibiza. It’s a realm where the music is deep, the ambiance is intimate, and the night holds a rustic charm. With its stripped-back decor and a focus on house and techno, it’s a haven for those who seek a more laid-back, authentic clubbing experience. It’s not about the glitz; it’s about the raw, unadulterated essence of Ibiza’s night parties.

Pacha Ibiza Superclub

Pacha is not just a club; it’s an emblem of Ibiza’s vibrant night scene. Since its inception in 1973, it has been a cornerstone in defining the club culture of Ibiza. Known for its cherries logo and the iconic Funky Room, it’s a place where the spirit of Ibiza’s nightlife is encapsulated. The club’s music policy is diverse, with nights dedicated to various musical genres, making it a crucible where musical waves meet and create a rhythmic ocean that carries the night along. Nestled in Ibiza Town, it’s a place where the night finds its true expression.

Es Paradis, San Antonio

Step into Es Paradis, and you step into a realm of aesthetics and sound. Located in San Antonio, it’s known for its striking geometric interior and the legendary Fiesta Del Agua, where the dance floor transforms into a pool, offering a unique clubbing experience. As the night unfolds, the music and the ambiance take the club-goers on a journey through the essence of Ibiza clubbing. And as the beats resonate through the night, the shores of San Antonio come alive with the echoes of music, laughter, and life.

Swag Ibiza

Swag Ibiza breaks the electronic music mold, offering a haven for hip hop and urban music enthusiasts. Located in Playa d’en Bossa, it’s a venue where the beats of urban music set a different rhythm to the night. With live performances and a dance floor that celebrates the diversity of musical genres, it’s a club that adds a unique flavor to the Ibiza club scene. It’s where the modern meets the classic, and the night dances to a different tune.

Ibiza nightclubs map and Ibiza Club List

The clubs in Ibiza are scattered like stars across the island, each shining with its unique light. The Ibiza nightclubs map is a constellation of venues, each with its own story, music genre, and ambiance. From the bustling nightlife in Ibiza Town to the beach clubs in Playa d’en Bossa and the hidden gems in San Rafael, the island offers a spectrum of night experiences. And amidst this nocturnal landscape, Ibiza Selected stands as a beacon of luxury, offering a serene retreat after a night of rhythmic adventure.

Cova Santa Superclub and Cova de Can Marca in Ibiza

Tucked away in the picturesque countryside, Cova Santa Superclub is a fusion of Ibiza’s rich history with its pulsating nightlife. The club opened its doors to the night revelers amidst a natural cave, offering a unique blend of gastronomy and music. A short ride from Ibiza Town, it’s a venue where the night takes a rustic, enchanting form. Meanwhile, a visit to Cova de Can Marca, with its stunning natural caves, offers a day-time adventure before diving into the night.

Clubs in Ibiza: A Journey Through the Night

The journey through the night in Ibiza is a narrative penned by the many clubs that dot the island. From the super clubs like Hi Ibiza to the underground realms like Octan, each club is a chapter in the Ibiza nightlife story. A short walk or a quick taxi ride transports you from one vibe to another, from a pool party at Ushuaïa to a hip hop night at Swag Ibiza. And as the beats of electronic music echo through the night, the narrative of Ibiza’s nightlife unfolds.

Best Clubs: The Crowning Jewels of Ibiza Nightlife

The crown of Ibiza’s nightlife is adorned with clubs like Pacha, Amnesia, and Ushuaïa. These clubs are not just venues; they are institutions that define Ibiza’s nightlife. The VIP areas, the famous DJs like Carl Cox, the vibrant dance floors, and the eclectic crowd—they all come together to pen the narrative of the night. And amidst the dance, as the beats of house music reverberate through the night, memories are etched into the dawn.

Ibiza Rocks: The Heartbeat of Live Music

Ibiza Rocks Hotel, nestled in San Antonio, is a venue where live music takes the center stage. With a lineup that has seen the likes of Calvin Harris, it’s a place where the music is live, the vibes are electric, and the crowd is eclectic. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a cornerstone in Ibiza’s live music scene. The summer months here are a festival, a celebration of music that resonates through the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza Holiday: A Rendezvous with Night and Luxury

An Ibiza holiday is a rendezvous with the night. The clubs in Ibiza are not just venues; they are realms where the night finds its rhythm. And as the night unfolds, the luxury of Ibiza Selected awaits to cradle the weary yet exhilarated souls. With a VIP table at a club, the night is not just an experience; it’s a narrative of music, dance, and luxury. And as the first rays of dawn kiss the shores of Platja d’en Bossa, the narrative takes a pause, only to resume with the next dusk.

Conclusion: The Night’s Call

Ibiza’s call is the call of the night. It’s a realm where the beats of music narrate tales of joy, freedom, and life. Each club, each beat, each night is a verse in the narrative of Ibiza’s nightlife. And as the night morphs into dawn, the island takes a breath, only to dive into the narrative again as dusk descends. Amidst this narrative, Ibiza Selected stands as a haven of luxury, where the narrative of the night is cherished, remembered, and awaited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular clubs in Ibiza?

The pulse of Ibiza’s nightlife beats in the heart of its famous clubs. Some of the most popular clubs in Ibiza include Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa Ibiza Superclub, Amnesia Ibiza, and Pacha Ibiza Superclub. Each of these clubs represents a unique facet of Ibiza’s vibrant club culture.

What’s the most famous nightclub in Ibiza?

Pacha Ibiza Superclub is often hailed as one of the most famous clubs on the island, with a rich history dating back to 1973. Its iconic cherries logo and high-profile DJ line-ups make it a staple in the Ibiza club scene.

Where do they party in Ibiza?

Party-goers in Ibiza tend to flock to Ibiza Town, San Antonio, and Playa d’en Bossa, where a high concentration of the island’s renowned clubs are located. Areas like Carrer de la Murtra and Carrer de les Alzines are known for their lively nightlife.

What do you wear to clubbing in Ibiza?

The dress code for clubbing in Ibiza is generally relaxed and beach casual. However, some clubs may have a more upscale dress code, especially for VIP areas. It’s advisable to check the dress code of individual clubs beforehand.

What is the best club in the world in Ibiza?

Many regard Ushuaïa Ibiza Superclub as one of the best clubs globally due to its massive open-air clubbing environment, world-class DJs, and extravagant productions.

What is the best club in Ibiza for over 40?

Lío Ibiza is often recommended for a more mature crowd, offering a sophisticated blend of dining, live performances, and dancing overlooking the stunning Marina Ibiza.

What is the famous nightclub in Ibiza?

Amnesia Ibiza stands as a legendary club in Ibiza, famous for its epic closing parties and diverse musical genres ranging from electronic to hip-hop.

What do you wear to a club in Ibiza?

Comfortable yet chic attire is recommended when clubbing in Ibiza. While casual, a touch of glamor or bohemian flair often fits right in with the island’s lively nightlife scene.

Is there a dress code for Glitterbox Ibiza?

Glitterbox at Hï Ibiza encourages a flamboyant and glittery dress code, embracing the expressive and vibrant spirit of Ibiza’s club culture.

Is Ibiza clubbing expensive?

Clubbing in Ibiza can be expensive with entry fees to the most famous clubs often ranging from €30 to €60. VIP tables and services are considerably higher. However, there are other clubs and beach clubs like O Beach on the west coast, which offer a more affordable experience.

What is the most famous Ibiza nightclub?

Pacha Ibiza Superclub, with its iconic cherries logo and legacy of hosting world-renowned DJs, is often recognized as the most famous nightclub in Ibiza.

Which part of Ibiza has the best clubs?

The best clubs are scattered across Ibiza, but Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa are particularly known for their vibrant club scene, hosting several renowned clubs like Ushuaïa Ibiza Superclub and Hï Ibiza.

What is the best part of Ibiza to stay in?

Staying in Ibiza Town or Playa d’en Bossa places you at the heart of Ibiza’s nightlife. These areas offer a range of accommodation options close to the famous clubs and the beautiful beaches.

What’s the biggest nightclub in Ibiza?

Privilege Ibiza holds the title of the world’s largest nightclub, with a capacity to host more than 10,000 clubbers. Its vast main room is legendary in the clubbing world.

What are the legendary clubs in Ibiza?

Legendary clubs in Ibiza include Pacha, Amnesia, and Privilege. These clubs have not only defined Ibiza’s club culture but have also significantly impacted the global clubbing scene.

What’s the biggest club in Ibiza?

Privilege is the biggest club in Ibiza, offering a massive clubbing space that transforms into a party paradise, especially during the summer season.


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