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The Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Rentals in Ibiza

The Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Rentals in Ibiza


Ibiza, the island of dreams, offers more than just a seasonal escape. From the bustling streets of San Antonio to the tranquil landscapes of Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza is a paradise year-round. This article serves as your ultimate guide to long-term rent in Ibiza, covering everything from seasonal rentals to the intricacies of annual rent agreements. Whether you’re looking for an independent apartment or a main house, Ibiza has a plethora of properties to choose from.

Seasonal Rental: A Flexible Option

Seasonal rentals offer a flexible way to experience Ibiza’s diverse landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a quiet area near the mountains or a property with stunning sea views, seasonal rentals provide a variety of options. These rentals are particularly popular from October to November, offering a respite from the island’s busy summer months. The flexibility of seasonal rentals makes them an ideal choice for those who wish to explore different areas of the island, from the beaches of San Antonio to the fincas in the north.

The Season in Ibiza runs from the end of April until mid October although there are some peaks and valley´s within this period. The British school holiday runs from 24 July to 1 September 2023 and Brings slightly more families to the island. Bookending the season are opening and closing parties which are significant entries in the calendar of many of those attending to party.

Seasonal rent provides an opportunity to potentially negotiate out some of the peak pricing of the main summer months as you will be providing assured rent for the entire season.

here at Ibiza Selected we are able to provide long term and seasonal rentals on several of our properties.

Annual Rent: A Commitment Worth Making

Annual rent agreements in Ibiza offer stability and often come at a more affordable price compared to monthly or seasonal rentals. Properties available for annual rent range from independent apartments in San Antonio to main houses in Santa Gertrudis. With annual rent, you can truly make Ibiza your home. These properties are often fully furnished and come with amenities like a garage, making them a convenient option for long-term living.

Annual Rental: What You Need to Know

When considering an annual rental, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions. Most properties require a deposit, and prices can vary significantly based on the area and the amenities offered. From seafront properties in Es Cubells to fincas in the north, annual rentals offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a property with a pool or a flat with a balcony, it’s essential to read the fine print before signing any agreements.

The Allure of San Antonio

San Antonio is a hub of activity, offering a mix of nightlife and serene landscapes. Properties in this area range from beautiful apartments to villas with sea views. With a variety of properties available for both seasonal and annual rent, San Antonio is a location worth considering. The area is just minutes walk from the beach, making it an ideal location for those who love the sea.

Santa Gertrudis: The Heart of Ibiza

Located in the center of the island, Santa Gertrudis offers a mix of traditional Ibizan culture and modern amenities. Properties here are often situated in quiet areas, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. From villas with pools to independent apartments, Santa Gertrudis has it all. The town is also home to some of the island’s best restaurants, offering a range of dining options for residents.

Long Term Rent: A Growing Trend

More people are looking at long-term rent as a viable option in Ibiza. These rentals are often fully furnished and come with amenities like a garage and a terrace. Long-term rent agreements usually last for a whole year, offering stability and the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Ibizan lifestyle. The trend towards long-term renting is particularly noticeable in areas like Santa Eulalia and San Lorenzo, where properties are often rented annually.

When Looking for a long term rental the best time of year to start is towards the end of the season. During peak season the chances of securing a long term rental diminish as property owners are keen to secure the premium rates afforded by the summer months.

The Charm of Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia offers a family-friendly environment with a range of properties available for rent. From duplex apartments with balconies to villas with direct sea views, this area offers something for everyone. Properties here are often rented annually, providing stability and a sense of community. The area is also known for its beautiful marina, offering direct access to boating and other water activities.

Price Considerations: What to Expect

When looking to rent in Ibiza, price is a significant factor. Whether you’re considering a seasonal rental or an annual rent agreement, it’s essential to budget accordingly. Prices can vary based on the area, the type of property, and the amenities offered. For instance, properties with a sea view or direct sea access are often priced higher. It’s crucial to consider your budget and the amenities you desire before making a decision.

Finding a long term rental in Ibiza has become increasingly difficult so heres a check list of things to consider before making the leap!

Checklist for Securing a Long-Term Rental in Ibiza

Preliminary Research

  1. Identify Your Needs: List down your requirements such as the number of bedrooms, location, and budget.
  2. Research Locations: Understand the different areas in Ibiza to determine which suits your lifestyle and budget.
  3. Check Legal Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the legal aspects of renting in Ibiza, such as required documents and tenant rights.

Contacting Agencies and Owners

  1. Reach Out to Ibiza Selected : Contact real estate agencies that can help you with long-term rentals. You reach us over [email protected] or via phone +34662929295 (also via Whatsapp).


Casa Francesca

Villa Oliver

Villa Cooper

Villa Buddha Spirit

We have much more Objekts please contact us for more offers!


Viewing and Inspections

  1. Schedule Viewings: Make appointments to view properties that meet your criteria.
  2. Inspect Thoroughly: Check for any damages, functioning utilities, and ask about maintenance procedures.

The Beauty of October in Ibiza

October is a unique month for rentals in Ibiza. The island starts to quiet down, and many properties lower their prices. Whether you’re looking for a villa in San José or an apartment in San Lorenzo, October offers a range of affordable options. This is the month where you can find some of the best deals, especially for long-term rentals.

The Winter Experience: A Different Side of Ibiza

Winter in Ibiza offers a unique experience. Many properties, especially in the town areas, are available for rent at discounted prices. The island is quieter, and you get to experience the local culture in a more intimate setting. Winter rentals are often fully furnished, making it easier to move in and start enjoying the island right away.

The Importance of Parking and Garage Space

In Ibiza, having a parking space or a garage can be a significant advantage. Many properties offer this amenity, making it easier for you to explore the island at your own pace. From villas in Santa Gertrudis to apartments in San Antonio, parking is often a key feature. It’s especially important if you plan to rent a car during your stay.

Terrace Living: The Outdoor Experience

Having a terrace can significantly enhance your living experience in Ibiza. Many properties, especially those located near the sea, offer terraces where you can enjoy stunning views. Whether it’s a villa in San Josè or an apartment in Santa Eulalia, a terrace adds an extra layer of luxury to your rental.

The Marina Lifestyle: A Touch of Elegance

Properties near the marina offer a unique lifestyle. With direct access to boats and a range of high-end amenities, these properties are often considered premium. Whether it’s a beautiful apartment or a villa with a sea view, living near the marina is a dream come true for many.

The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

In Ibiza, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. Properties with well-equipped kitchens are highly sought after, especially for long-term rentals. From modern appliances to spacious layouts, a well-designed kitchen can make all the difference in your rental experience.

The Significance of Views in Property Selection

Views can play a significant role in your rental experience. Properties with sea or mountain views are often priced higher but offer an unparalleled living experience. Whether it’s the stunning sea views from a property in Es Cubells or the mountain views from a finca in the north, the right view can elevate your Ibiza experience.

The Month-to-Month Guide to Rentals

Renting in Ibiza varies from month to month. While the summer months are bustling and expensive, the off-season offers a range of affordable options. Understanding the monthly trends can help you make an informed decision about your rental.

The Hidden Gem of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a lesser-known area in Ibiza that offers a tranquil lifestyle. Properties here range from independent apartments to beautiful villas, all situated in quiet areas. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, San Lorenzo should be on your list.

The Allure of Direct Sea Access

Some properties in Ibiza offer the luxury of direct sea access. These are often premium rentals located on the seafront, offering an unparalleled experience of the island’s natural beauty. Whether it’s a villa in Sant Josep or an apartment in Santa Eulalia, direct sea access is a feature worth considering.

The Brand New Experience: Newly Built Properties

Ibiza’s property market is ever-evolving, with new buildings coming up regularly. These brand-new properties often come with modern amenities and are available for both seasonal and annual rent. If you’re looking for a fresh start, consider a newly built property.

The Siesta Lifestyle: A Unique Ibiza Experience

Siesta is a small area near Santa Eulalia that offers a unique Ibizan experience. Known for its relaxed atmosphere, properties in Siesta range from beautiful apartments to villas with pools. If you’re looking for a laid-back lifestyle, Siesta is worth exploring.

Conclusion: Your Journey to Renting in Ibiza

Renting in Ibiza long term offers a unique opportunity to experience the island in all its glory. From the bustling streets of San Antonio to the tranquil landscapes of Santa Gertrudis, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal rental or considering an annual rent agreement, Ibiza offers a range of options to suit every need and budget.

You reach us over [email protected] or via phone +34662929295 (also via Whatsapp).

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