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Hidden, calm & cozy! The top 5 secret beaches of Ibiza

Hidden, calm & cozy! The top 5 secret beaches of Ibiza

Ibiza has indeed a super wild party szene, BUT the magical island ibiza offers so much more than just the wicked club szene. Especially the unique landscapes of Ibiza are the reason, why loads of tourists love the island so much.

Every summer, thousands of people enjoying their holidays at Ibiza´s beautiful beaches, in particular the famous Playa d´en Bossa, which is in high season super busy and noisy. If you just want to experience the other side of the island, which is much more calm and chilled than at the popular party beach, keep on reading now!

Here it comes, my absolute top 5 secret beaches of Ibiza:

Cala Llentrisca

Hidden in the south of Es Cubells in the west of the island, you can find this unspoilt beach in total abundance. Built around a rustic wooden jetty, this beach characterized by a marine environment is the pure paradise! If you come by car or scooter, you need to park a bit more inland, from where you need to hike the stony dirt road through the hillside down to the beach.

 Before you come, check Google Maps upfront, because the internet connection is not that good there and the road is a bit difficult to navigate. Therefore this trip is not really recommendable for older or handicapped people and children. But especially for couples or friends who want to escape the noise of Ibiza´s party beaches, this place is the pure heaven on earth.  The view down from the rocks is just stunning and it is even super fun to walk that tiny paths down to the beach. But better leave your Birkenstocks and Flip Flops at home and take some sneackers, if you don´t want to end up like me with torned feet.


Another wonderful hidden beach you can find in the south-eastern part of the island near Roca Lisa. S´Estanyol is a super quiet beach with an unspoiled natural environment. Protected from the wind, it is a total hotspot for snorkelers because of its calm water. This beach is the total paradise for all who love to swim in crystal clear water and also if you just want to enjoy the incredible beach view as a sunbather. The typical Fishermans boat houses made of wood make the scenery just look perfect. If you go for a swim, better be careful while entering and leaving the sea because of the sharp rocks. At this hidden beach you can also find loads of beautiful fishes and natural underwater caves. So better take your snorkel with you when you visit that place! And this spot is also the place to be for wicked after-partys!

Punta Galera

If you are looking for a super exclusive location for a sunbath, then Punta Galera will blow your mind off! Surrounded by natural stone formations and protruding cliffs that are looking like flat stairs, you can find that very special “beach” north of San Antonio in between Cala Gracioneta and Cala Salada (both also wonderful beaches). 

Punta Galera is a pure oasis for all who want to do meditation or practise yoga at a calm and inspiring place with a flat base and a breathtaking sea view (also a popular location for nudists!). Best time to come is in the afternoon for a late sunbath, followed by a spectacular sundowner. What i can also recommend you is to check the super tiny and extremely hidden secret sand beach directly next to Punta Galera. If you arrive at Punta Galera, turn left and walk along the cliffs 100 metres till the end of the rocks and then climb down to the beach. Just found that place by accidently taking the wrong way and was just surprised what my eyes could see down there. Absolutely a must-seen!

S’Illot d´es Rencli

Heading off to Ibiza´s north, you can find a wonderful little beach on the way to Portinatx near to Cala Xarraca, which is called S´Illot d´es Rencli. 

It is a ca. 30 minutes drive away from Ibiza Town and just 10 minutes more starting from San Antonio and it is absolutely worth the visit. On top of the rocks, where you can also find a parking place, there is a wonderful restaurant with beach view, that offers extremely good seafood. This place is the pure nature paradise, so calm and almost pristine. Also a wonderful beach for relaxation, swimming, snorkeling and exploring Ibiza´s flora and fauna. Best spot to settle down for the day is on top of the fishermen´s huts, from where you have an epic view over the transparent water, shining in the sun.

Es Niu de s’Aguila

My absolute favorite secret beach on the whole island is Es Niu de s´Aguila, which is in the south-west of the island. To reach this beach, you need to drive till Ses Boques, from where you have to do some climbing and hiking over the rocks to get to the beach. 

 This is a total private beach, exclusively for the inhabitants of the fincas that are on top of the rocks above. Hardly anyone uses this beach, because it is private and quite hard to get to. After half an hour walk you will reach that beach, which is really more than just worth the way! Arriving there you will find just one little wooden fishermans boat house and a fine gravalled beach with super clear water. For me it is definitely my number 1 secret beach on Ibiza, because you have that 200 metres beach completely for your own and the sea view with the loads of rocks outstanding the water is just stunning. If you are searching the perfect location for pure relaxation in silence and some private time for two, than this is your place to be. But better make sure to take a lunch package and loads of water with you when you go there, because there will be no restaurant or cafe. More “hidden” and “secret” is not possible for a beach! Absolutely THE Robinson Crusoe feeling you need to check out when you come to Ibiza!

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