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The 7 most popular souvenirs from Ibiza

The 7 most popular souvenirs from Ibiza

The white isle has a lot to offer. There are many souvenirs from Ibiza, that will remind you of your great time on the island or will be a good choice to make your friends and family happy when you return home. We summarized our favorite products for you, which are typical for Ibiza and within this article we will also tell you the reasons, why these products are so special. 


Hierbas – Ibiza´s herbal liquor

Hierbas Ibicencas is an herbal liqueur based on anise which is only produced in Ibiza. For this liqueur, various herbs (fennel, thyme, rosemary, lemon bush and much more) and anise are soaked in alcohol and it can appear in different color shades (amber to greenish).

Many families have their own family recipes for the herbal liqueur and make it themselves to enjoy it in good company. The alcohol content varies between 24% and 40% and tastes differently sweet depending on the recipe. So it’s best to try a few different ones first and then take the best home with you! 


Sal de Ibiza

Surrounded by the sea, it is not surprising that many dishes on Ibiza are seasoned with sea salt. Sal de Ibiza is a local product made from sea water. The salt is also called “Cristal de la vida” and it is a handmade unprocessed natural product, that belongs to the “Fleur de Sel”.

Usually it appears in a turquoise blue packaging and is therefore a real eye-catcher in every kitchen and on the dining table. So if you want to give your food a delicious pinch of Ibiza at home, the island’s “white gold” is a must-have souvenir and a nice gift for friends and family. 


Scrumptious – Ibiza Love Balls 

The Scrumptious from Ibiza, also called Love Balls, are the absolute highlight for all sweet toothers. The Love Balls are based on different nuts, which makes them very rich. The small bite-sized balls are an absolute taste bomb, that are often offered with a colorful decoration and refined with various toppings.

Just in case you run out of them at home, the sweet delicacies can also be baked quite simply. Therefore we have chosen our favourite recipe for you:


Fashion & jewelry

Adlib Mode is the typical Ibizan fashion that has made its name all over the world. The island government awards the label Adlib Moda Ibiza, which stands for handmade and locally produced fashion. Only natural fabrics are used and the garments are often embroidered and laced, which gives them their typical appearance. 

Especially matching to the dresses is the handmade jewelry made of many natural materials such as wood, shells, (gem)stones, etc. For the very special Ibiza feeling at home, clothes from Ibiza are a beautiful souvenir, which always reminds you of the hot summer days on the island. Perfect for the next garden party or the next trip to the magical island!



Espardenyes are familiar to most people as Espardrillos. These are summer shoes, which are traditionally braided from agave fibres. Thus they also fit perfectly to the typical Ibiza dresses. But not only the shoes can be braided. Woven baskets, hats and bags are also wonderful accessories for your summer outfit. If you even want to take a little bit of Ibiza with you to beautify your home, you can also find woven furniture as a craft on Ibiza. 



Castanets are a traditional Spanish instrument made of wood, that consists of two “conchas” (bowls). The deeper half shell is called macho (“male”), the higher sounding half shell is called hembra (“female”). Together they produce fast rhythmic tones in different timbres.

Typically, the cord connecting the two shells is placed around the thumb, with certain regional dances also around the middle finger. With the other fingers the bowls can be beaten rhythmically. Castanets are not typically Ibicenco, but very common throughout whole Spain and still one of the most popular souvenirs. 


Ceramics from Ibiza

Not to forget are the beautiful ceramic products from Ibiza, like for example the beautiful plates, bowls, jugs, vases and various other containers. These are often decorated with Ibiza-typical colorful patterns and motifs. These splendid pieces give each home the very special Ibiza flair and are not only decorative, but also functional. 

We hope that you will find your perfect souvenir, which will always remind you of the beautiful time in Ibiza or that will be a great souvenir for your loved ones.

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