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Long term rentals in Ibiza


Long term rentals in Ibiza

  27. June 2023

Long-term rental in real estate refers to the rental of properties that extends over a longer period of time. If a property is rented for more than 31 days, it is considered a long-term rental. If the property is rented for less than 31 days, a license is required. In long-term rentals, the property does not require a license. Long-term rental ensures that a property is occupied and rented for more than 31 days.

In long-term rentals, the property can be advertised and listed online to remain visible to people. However, no services can be offered in long-term rentals. This means, for example, that no chef can be provided. Overall, no services are allowed to be offered. All income from such rentals, whether for family or long-term rentals, must be reported as rental income in the Spanish tax declaration.

Long-term rental is very common in various types of properties such as houses, apartments, vacation rentals, or commercial properties. The rules and laws regarding long-term rental vary and depend on the local real estate markets and regional laws.

The advantages of long-term rental are that landlords have a stable source of income and the property is occupied in the long term. Tenants thereby have long-term security in the property.

The legal provisions and regulations for long-term rentals vary in each country and region. It is advisable to consult a lawyer or real estate agent to obtain accurate information and advice on long-term rental of a property.

The Spanish lease agreement, LAU (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos), regulates long-term rentals in Spain. The LAU states that the residential lease agreement is for a limited period, namely one year. However, the tenant also has the right to extend the long-term rental for up to 5 years. In 2019, the term was still 3 years, and for a commercial landlord, it is even 7 years. After the extension period expires, the landlord can confirm that the lease agreement has ended and the tenant must move out. The tenant can also enter into a new lease agreement with the same landlord.

Attached are some our villas for long term rentals:

Villa Blakstad for 12 people  21.120 – 42.120 € per month 

Casita Vista Conta for 2 persons  3.840 – 7.000 € per month 


Villa Francesca for 10 people – 240.000 € per annum


Villa Oliver for 6 persons – 140000 € per annum


Villa Talamanca View for 6 persons   15200 – 24000 € per month


Villa Can Furnet for 8 persons   16000 – 35000 € per month

Villa Cooper for 8 people  21600 – 26400 € per month

….. we also have other long term rentals. Inquire under [email protected]


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