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The golden autumn in Ibiza


The golden autumn in Ibiza

  27. October 2019

The last closing event in Ibiza is done and the summer season is officially over. Tourists are returning home and the island is getting quiet again. But right now, when it’s getting calm and autumn is about to start, it’s the favorite season of those who life here! Not only in high season, the magical island is definitely worth a visit. The off-season in late summer and fall is just perfect to come to Ibiza and within this article we will tell you why:

While you can hardly decide from all the fun activities and events in the main season, you now have the opportunity to get to know the island of its laid-back nature. If you want some peace and quiet, this season is the right choice. Although the temperatures drop, it is still pleasantly warm during the day which can be perfectly enjoyed at one of the numerous Calas. Now you can have the beach almost for your own and it’s the perfect oasis for relaxation.

The sunsets in Ibiza are among the most beautiful ones in Europe and even more fascinating in fall, when the sky shines in violet, orange, yellow and red colors. The best way to be enchanted by Ibiza’s magical sunsets is at Cala Benirras, when many hippies and drummers celebrate the end of the day with an incredibly beautiful spectacle of colors over the sea. Another picturesque spot for a stunning view is the two rocky islands of Es Vedra in the east of Ibiza, but also the sundowner over Dalt Vila, Ibiza´s oldtown. 

Most of the clubs have ended their summer season and doing a little winter break now. So it is the perfect time to get to know the island away from the noisy party tourism. Plenty of cultural activities are offered, such as language courses, dance classes, art workshops, meditation and yoga retreats, just to name a few. In addition to that, you can use the time to explore some hidden areas of Ibiza like San Lorenc de Balafia and the wine land of Sant Mateu d’Aubarca. The famous Las Dalias Hippie Market is also still open on Saturdays. As you can imagine, this time of the year is much more relaxed and you can get some good deals and bargains. 

But also if you can not imagine flying to Ibiza without one or two parties, you can get your chance at Pacha, Ibiza´s most famous club, which is open all year around. The prices for the entrance and drinks are also much cheaper than in summer, which brings us to another important point, why the autumn in Ibiza is so golden: mass tourism disappears and with it the ultimately high prices! Car rental companies, hotels and excursion providers such as the boat tours offer now much more affordable prices for the island visitors and the flights are also not that expensive anymore. Perfect for a Balearic trip with your family, so what are you waiting for? Book your finca for the golden autumn and be amazed by the white isle in a whole new way!


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