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The healing energy field Ibiza’s – Experience the magical places of ancient legends & myths


The healing energy field Ibiza’s – Experience the magical places of ancient legends & myths

  10. July 2018

What many do not know: Ibiza is said to be a magical island that has many exciting myths about it. Especially in the southwest of the island around Es Vedrá, where Ibiza’s famous rocks lie, there are unique stories about special and healing energies. Now I’ll tell you why not only Ibiza’s landscape and beaches are gorgeous, but also why the old myths and stories are so exciting and these magical places are definitely worth a visit! Now discover my top secret spots and find out where to find them on your next trip!


Mysterious Es Vedrá

The most magical place in Ibiza is Es Vedrá – a beautiful uninhabited rock island, where rare bird species breed and which is only half a square kilometer in size. It rises 380 meters above sea level, directly in front of the beautiful Cala d’Hort bay. It is said that Es Vedrá, after the Bermuda Triangle, is the third-most magnetic place in the world where navigation equipment is going crazy.

According to legends this was the birthplace of the goddess Tanit and the home of sirens and nymphs. Because of their magical effects and myths, many locals believe in the healing energies. Especially for the hippies Es Vedrá has an important meaning. No matter if the myths are true or not – here you can really feel the special energy and the sunset is just magical!

It is definitely worthwhile to come here! For the best view of the rocky island of Es Vedrá, come to the beautiful bay Cala d’Hort. It is best to take a rental car, as it is difficult with taxis to come back and forth. On the way to Cala d’Hort, take the exit to Torre des Savinar. On the gravel road you get to a small parking lot, from which two paths go off. Take the right path to get directly to the edge of the cliffs, from where you have a breathtaking view of the magical rocky island. Nowhere else have I ever seen a more beautiful sunset than here!

Another great option is to make a detour to the Torre des Savinar on the way there or back. If you are driving from Cala d’Hort in the direction of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, there is a car park along the road. From here it is a few hundred meters to the former Torre des Savinar, from where you have a great view of Es Vedrá! If you want to feel the greatest magic, spend the day at the beautiful bay of Cala d’Hort and enjoy the magical sunset. Do not forget to bring along some delicious tapas and a good cerveza or wine!


The sacred bay of Atlantis

Nearby is another magical place with special energies – the bay Atlantis. According to legends, the Feniciers have collected stones from Atlantis to build the fortress of the city of Ibiza and, according to other stories, the stones were used to build the pyramids in Egypt. Over the years, Atlantis has attracted artists and mystics who built breathtaking stone sculptures here.

To get here, you need to take a slightly more exhausting route. Therefore I recommend you to wear proper shoes, bring enough water and something to eat. You should also have your camera with you to capture the unique and stunning scenery! It’s just magical.

Start from the parking, from where you also get to the Es Vedrá viewpoint, as I described above. This time you take the left of the two ways. On the approximately 30-minute walk to the beautiful beach of Sa Padrera (Atlantis), you will discover unique rock formations and some natural green pools, which are filled with rainwater and the sea water.

Once at the beach, you want to jump straight into the water! It is crystal clear, quiet and surrounded by white sand. That’s something you deserve after the exhausting descent. Here, however, you should look for jellyfish, as they like to hide between the rock formations!

If you go back to the parking lot after a beautiful beach day, you might spot some climbers on the rock walls! Do not be late on the way back, as it can be hard to get back on the rocky path once it is dark.


Ibiza’s Stonehenge

The Stonehenge is the “Time & Space” monument, the largest sundial designed by Australian artist Andrew Rodgers. The stunning open-air cliff-monument consists of 13 huge basalt columns, which are arranged semicircular on the edge of the cliffs above the small Cala Llentia. This artwork reminds of the world-famous Stonehenge in the UK, which is why it is also known as “Ibiza’s Stonehenge”. In the middle of the semicircle is the largest column, 20 meters high, covered with 23ct gold to reflect the sun. There are two myths for this place. One says that the magnetic forces are particularly strong and the other is that the monument was built to guide UFOs.

We only found this spectacular place by accident when we took the wrong route by scooter. Detours can be very worthwhile!
To spot this work of art, it is easiest to get to Cala Conta or Cala Tarida. Follow the signs to Cala Codolar and park on the beach where there are also toilets and a cute restaurant. From here it is a short walk, from about 1 km up the hill. My tip: Come to the spectacular sunset, where the monument shines in beautiful warm colors.


The secret doors of Cala Llentia

Right near the Time & Space Monument (Stonehenge) you will find another historic landmark! If you head east for about 5 minutes, you will discover two spectacular doors surrounded by the beautiful nature of Ibiza. These were also built by the famous artist Andrew Rodgers and offer a great view of Ibiza Stonehenge.

I would recommend you to spend a day at the beautiful hidden beach Cala Llentia or the more popular beach Cala Codolar, where you will find toilets and a restaurant. Just before the sun goes down, make your way to the historic monuments of Stonehenge & the Secret Doors.

These places are true magic for me, where I can recharge with energy and feel lightness and freedom. Do not miss this mysterious and magical side of Ibiza and make it a must-see on your next Ibiza vacation!




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