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When looking for a serious rental agency, the following steps should be taken to avoid fraud

When looking for a serious rental agency, the following steps should be taken to avoid fraud

How to Avoid Scams When Renting Luxury Villas: A Comprehensive Guide by Ibiza Selected


1, Check the company’s phone number and make sure there is an office and a person who answers. Make sure the rental agency offers good customer service and is available in case of emergency.

Even we have the home phone number of our 5 main staff members in the “About Us” section and can communicate with us at any time.


2, Check if the travel agency or real estate agency in Spain has a CIF / NIF or VAT number. This information can usually be found in the imprint of the website. If the website does not have an imprint, this is a bad sign.

Ours is in the imprint under: Imprint – Ibiza Selected – Luxury Villa Rentals (


3, Check if the agency has a real address and has an agency licence. You can also write to the tourist offices or the relevant tourism authorities to check the existence and legality of the company. The email is: [email protected] or


4, If you make an online booking on a platform like Airbnb or Booking etc., you should be aware that these portals have no control over the houses. We had 7 clients last year alone who came to us from these portals and asked us for help. Because with these portals you first have to make the journey and if you find out on the day of moving in that the house is not available, the portals offer something at a similar price, whereby this is always higher for a short-term booking in Ibiza. So you definitely don’t get the same standard and have to take what is still available. Furthermore, these portals charge a service fee, without providing any real service, of 16% – 20% on the owner price and for most villa for rent we are below these commissions with service.


5, If possible, look for a rental agency with many years of experience and a proven track record. Check reviews from other customers on Facebook, Instagram and Google maps and make sure the company has good recommendations. By following these steps, you can ensure that you find a professional letting agency and avoid falling for a fake one.


Ibiza Selected S.L. has 17 years of experience in villa rentals in Ibiza and offers legalised holiday accommodation for months, weeks or just 3-5 nights that can accommodate up to 12 (22) people. Our professional rental agency personally inspects each villa in Ibiza and shares personal improvements with the owner on each visit. Upon arrival, Ibiza Selected assists the client either from the office or directly at the airport and provides a transfer to the villa if requested. We explain all details beforehand and have a 24-hour telephone number in case of problems. In addition, our villa agency has mobile workmen who can usually intervene immediately in case of emergencies.

We have over 520 villas at our disposal, which we cannot even show all on the internet. For an individual offer call us at +34 662629295 ( Patrick ) or alternatively +34602494652 (Angelina) or write us an email at [email protected]




How to avoid fraud when renting villas

Ensure You Speak to Someone

Direct communication with the property owner or the villa rental company is crucial. Speaking directly allows you to gauge the legitimacy of the rental company and ask important questions.

For example, inquire about the security deposit, house rules, and payment methods. If the property owner or rental company avoids direct communication, consider it a warning sign. Additionally, speaking with genuine rental owners can provide you with insights into local beaches and attractions, enhancing your chances of a worry-free vacation.

When you speak directly to villa owners or property managers, you can ask for previous guest reviews. These reviews can offer a wealth of information about the holiday accommodations and can help you avoid holiday rental scams. If the villa owners are hesitant to share this information, it’s a red flag.

The Cost of Holiday Scams

According to a report by the FBI, Americans lost over $220 million to rental scams in 2020. The financial impact of holiday booking fraud is not just a number; it’s shattered dreams and ruined vacations.

Always remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Negative reviews often highlight these too-good-to-be-true deals, so it’s essential to read them carefully.

Beyond the financial loss, falling victim to rental scams can have a severe emotional impact. It’s not just about the money transferred to a bank account that turns out to be fraudulent; it’s also about the loss of trust and the stress it adds to what should have been a relaxing holiday.

The Different Types of Holiday Booking Scams

Scammers have become increasingly sophisticated, employing a variety of tactics to deceive unsuspecting travelers. Some common types of holiday booking scams include:

Fake Websites

These are websites that mimic legitimate villa rental sites. Always check for HTTPS encryption to ensure the site is secure. If you’re unsure, use a reputable company or listing website to cross-verify the information.

Fake Adverts

Scammers often use stolen images and create fake adverts on reputable platforms. Always perform a reverse image search to verify the authenticity of the images. Legitimate listings will often have multiple photos from different angles, providing a comprehensive view of the property.

Transferred Money Scams

In these scams, you are asked to transfer money to a bank account, only to find out later that it was all a scam. Always use secure payment methods and never wire money to unknown accounts. If you’ve already made a bank transfer and suspect a scam, contact your bank immediately to initiate your card provider’s chargeback scheme.

Consumer Protection Measures

To safeguard yourself further, be aware of consumer protection laws in the country where you’re planning to rent a luxury villa. These laws can offer an additional layer of security and may include a rental guarantee.

Payment Methods

When it comes to rental payment, using a debit card or other secure booking site options can offer more protection than wired money transfers. Always read the rental agreement carefully and make sure the property matches the description and photos on the listing website.

Look Up the Person’s Name and Company

Before making any payments, it’s essential to verify the authenticity of the property owner and the villa rental company. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to check their profiles.

Look for any red flags such as a new account, lack of mutual connections, or inconsistencies in their work history. If the villa owners or property managers have a strong social media presence with positive interactions, it adds a layer of credibility. However, be cautious if you find that the account is newly created or lacks substantial information.

In addition to social media, you can also use your own network to find any mutual connections who might have dealt with the villa owners or the rental company. Personal recommendations can be incredibly valuable and can offer a rental guarantee of sorts, based on the experiences of people you trust.

Ensure Site is HTTPS Encrypted

A secure website starts with “https://” in its URL, indicating that it has SSL encryption. This is crucial for protecting your bank details during the transaction.

Never enter your bank details on a site that is not HTTPS encrypted. Reputable companies will always invest in secure website protocols to protect their customers. If the listing website doesn’t have HTTPS encryption, it’s advisable to look for alternative holiday rentals on a secure booking site.

Importance of Secure Transactions

When you’re dealing with luxury villas and potentially large sums of money for security deposits and rental payments, the importance of a secure transaction cannot be overstated. Using a debit card or other secure payment methods through an HTTPS encrypted site can save you from transferred money scams.

Find Reviews of the Property, Property owner and the Company

Reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences of past guests. Look for reviews on multiple platforms, such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and the company’s own website.

Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced view. Previous guest reviews can be particularly enlightening, revealing whether the property matches its online description and if the holiday home lived up to expectations.

The Weight of Negative Reviews

While it’s easy to get swayed by a series of positive reviews, negative reviews should not be ignored. They can alert you to potential issues, whether it’s a lack of cleanliness, problems with the holiday accommodations, or even experiences with holiday rental scams.

If you find consistent negative reviews, it’s a sign to proceed with caution or look for alternative holiday rentals.

Reading reviews is not just about looking at star ratings; it’s about understanding the experiences of previous guests. Look for details about the property, the neighborhood, and the responsiveness of the property owner or rental company. Reviews can provide valuable insights that are not immediately obvious.

What is the Safest Way to Pay When Booking a Holiday Direct?

The safest way to pay is through secure payment methods like credit cards covered by the Consumer Credit Act. Avoid using methods like Western Union or direct bank transfers to unknown accounts, as these are often associated with scams.

Credit cards not only offer better consumer protection but also often come with benefits like travel insurance that can be a lifesaver in case of holiday rental scams.

Credit vs Debit: The Safeguard Difference

While both credit and debit cards may seem like convenient options for rental payments, credit cards offer an additional layer of security. Under the Consumer Credit Act, you may be entitled to a chargeback if you don’t receive the services you paid for, providing a sort of rental guarantee.

Debit cards, on the other hand, don’t offer the same level of protection and can leave you vulnerable to transferred money scams.

Essential Tips to Avoid Holiday Booking Scams

Always Use Secure Payment Methods

Credit cards offer better protection compared to debit cards. If a villa rental company insists on direct bank transfers or wired money transfers, it’s a red flag. Always opt for secure payment methods that offer some form of consumer protection.

Verify All Details

From property owner to bank details, make sure everything checks out. Double-check that the bank account you’re transferring money to is registered to the property owner or the reputable company you’re dealing with. If possible, immediately contact the bank to verify the account details.

Travel Insurance

Consider getting travel insurance that covers holiday booking fraud. This can give you peace of mind and financial security, ensuring a worry-free vacation. Make sure to read the fine print to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Consumer Credit Act

Familiarize yourself with the Consumer Credit Act, which can offer additional protection for credit card payments. Knowing your rights can empower you to take immediate action if you suspect you’ve fallen victim to a scam.

Use ATOL and ABTA Protected Companies

Companies that are ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License) and ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) protected offer financial protection and legal recourse in case something goes wrong. Always look for these certifications when booking.

Booking with ATOL and ABTA protected companies ensures that you’re dealing with reputable companies that adhere to high standards of service and consumer protection.

The Importance of Certifications

ATOL and ABTA certifications are not just logos on a website; they are indicators of a company’s commitment to ethical practices and consumer protection.

These certifications can be a decisive factor in ensuring that your holiday home rental experience is as smooth as possible.

What Guarantee is There When Booking via Vrbo and Airbnb?

Platforms like Vrbo and Airbnb offer some level of guarantee against fraud. However, it’s essential to read the fine print and understand the limitations of these guarantees. For instance, Airbnb has a “Host Guarantee” program that provides up to $1 million in insurance coverage for property damage. Vrbo offers a “Book with Confidence Guarantee,” which includes payment protection, fraud prevention, and 24/7 customer support. While these guarantees offer some peace of mind, they are not a substitute for doing your due diligence.

The Limits of Platform Guarantees

It’s crucial to understand that while these platforms offer some protection, they are not foolproof. Always adhere to the platform’s guidelines for secure transactions. For example, never make a rental payment outside of the platform’s secure booking site, as this will void any protection the platform offers.

What to Do if You’re the Victim of Holiday Booking Fraud?

Contact Your Bank

The first step is to contact your bank immediately to stop any further transactions and to investigate the fraud. Most banks have a procedure for dealing with fraud and can guide you through the steps you need to take, including initiating your card provider’s chargeback scheme if you paid by credit card.

Report to Authorities

File a report with the local police and provide all the details you have. This not only helps in your case but also aids the authorities in tracking down the scammers, potentially preventing them from defrauding unsuspecting travelers in the future.

Legal Recourse

If you’ve booked through reputable companies that are ATOL and ABTA protected, you may have additional legal avenues for recourse. Consult with a legal advisor to explore your options.

Verify the Authenticity of Websites

Always double-check the website’s URL and look for HTTPS encryption. Scammers often use URLs that closely resemble the original but have slight misspellings. Legitimate listings will also often feature customer reviews, both positive and negative, and will be listed on reputable platforms. If you’re unsure, cross-verify the information on multiple platforms to ensure the property matches its description.

The Role of Consumer Reviews in Verifying Authenticity

Consumer reviews can be a goldmine of information when it comes to verifying the authenticity of a listing website. Previous guest reviews can provide insights into the experiences of others and can be a reliable way to gauge the credibility of the site. If a site lacks reviews or has an abundance of generic, overly positive reviews, proceed with caution.

Search the Property Address and Perform a Reverse Image Search

Use Google Maps to verify the property’s location and its proximity to local amenities like local beaches or shopping centers. A reverse image search can help you check if the property images have been lifted from another site. Google’s street view feature can also provide a real-time look at the property and its surroundings, giving you an additional layer of verification.

The Importance of Location Verification

Knowing the exact location of the holiday rental can help you assess its suitability for your needs. For instance, if you’re looking for a quiet getaway, a villa located near a bustling nightlife scene may not be ideal. Verifying the address also ensures that the property actually exists, reducing the risk of rental scams.

Stay Within Trusted Listing Platforms

While it may be tempting to go off-platform to avoid service fees, it’s safer to complete all transactions within trusted platforms that offer some level of protection against fraud. These platforms often have stringent verification processes for genuine rental owners and provide secure payment options, ensuring a worry-free vacation.

The Risk of Going Off-Platform

Venturing outside of trusted platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo can expose you to a higher risk of scams. Without the security measures these platforms provide, you’re essentially relying solely on the word of the villa owners, which can be risky.

Suspicious Contact, Bank account and Bank Details – Pay Attention

Be cautious if the property owner insists on communicating only through email and asks for payment to be sent to a foreign bank account. These are often red flags indicating a scam. Always use secure payment methods and double-check with your bank immediately to verify the legitimacy of the bank account details.

Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off, it probably is. Scammers often prey on unsuspecting travelers by exploiting their excitement and lack of attention to detail. Always pay attention to your gut feelings and err on the side of caution.

The Importance of Due Diligence in the holiday rental market

Always remember, due diligence is your best defense against scams relating to your vacation rental. Whether you’re booking online or negotiating directly with a property manager, taking the time to verify details can save you from both financial loss and emotional distress. For instance, always read the fine print of the rental agreement and make sure to understand the terms, especially those related to the security deposit and cancellation policies.

Utilizing Multiple Verification Methods

Utilize multiple methods to verify the authenticity of the rental and the property manager. This could range from checking the rental site’s HTTPS encryption to using Google’s street view feature for a real-time look at the property. These steps, although they may seem tedious, are crucial for ensuring you’re dealing with a genuine owner and not a scammer.

Secure Payment Options

When it comes to making payments, avoid using direct bank transfer methods unless you are absolutely certain of the property’s legitimacy. Credit cards offer a level of protection that other methods often can’t match. If a bank transfer is the only available option, double-check with your bank to verify the legitimacy of the account you’re sending money to.


Renting a luxury villa should be a straightforward process, but the reality is that scams are prevalent. By following the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to holiday booking fraud. Always remember, due diligence is your best defense against scams. Whether it’s reading the fine print on rental agreements or verifying bank details, taking these extra steps can save you from financial loss and emotional distress.

Renting a luxury villa or vacation rental should be a straightforward and enjoyable process. However, the unfortunate reality is that scams in the holiday rental market are not uncommon. By adhering to the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can significantly minimize the risks associated with villa rental scams.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of vacation rentals and luxury villas offers a plethora of options for travelers looking for a home away from home. However, it’s essential to approach the process with caution and awareness. From reading previous guest reviews to verifying the property through street view, each step you take adds an extra layer of security to your booking. By doing your due diligence, you can enjoy a worry-free vacation, secure in the knowledge that you’ve done everything possible to ensure a legitimate and enjoyable stay.

In the realm of vacation rentals and luxury villas, the allure of a dream holiday often overshadows the cautionary steps one should take. The excitement of finding that perfect holiday rental can sometimes make us overlook the red flags or ignore our gut feelings. This is precisely where due diligence becomes not just a precaution but a necessity.

Engaging in thorough research and verification processes is akin to building a safety net around your holiday plans. It’s not just about avoiding financial pitfalls; it’s also about ensuring that your much-anticipated vacation doesn’t turn into a stressful ordeal. The emotional toll of falling victim to a scam can be as devastating as the financial loss, affecting your trust and confidence in exploring new holiday destinations in the future.

Moreover, the digital age has made it easier for scammers to create more convincing traps. From fake rental sites to too-good-to-be-true deals, the tactics are evolving, and so should your methods of verification. Utilizing tools like Google’s street view for a real-time look at the property, or double-checking bank details with your bank, adds layers of verification that can save you from a scam.

When you’re dealing with property managers or making a booking online, remember that each interaction serves as an opportunity to assess the legitimacy of your potential holiday rental. Ask questions, seek clarifications, and don’t hesitate to walk away if something feels off.

In essence, the key to a successful and stress-free vacation rental experience lies in the meticulous steps you take before making any commitments. Your due diligence ensures not only a secure financial transaction but also peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday experience. By taking these precautionary steps, you’re not just securing your immediate holiday plans but also paving the way for many more worry-free vacations in the future.



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