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Cala Benirras – Don´t miss the Sunday sunset drums

Cala Benirras – Don´t miss the Sunday sunset drums

If you don´t know how to spend the best Sunday you could probably have on Ibiza, let us help you with the decision. For me, there is no better place for a chilled Sunday than at Cala Benirras, a little bay in the north of Ibiza. You can reach this beach, which is 160 metres long and 40 metres wide, in a 10 minutes drive from San Miguel. If you come by car or scooter, you can use the parking place on top of Cala Benirras, which is for free. From there, a free bus shuttle takes you down to the beach.

This little place on earth is a pure nature dream. If you take your snorkel with you, you can even see some nice fishes at the cliffs, that surround this bay. Arriving early in the morning, when it is not so busy, you can almost have this place for your own (depends on the season: April till June and again from September till October, it is quite calm).

On site, there are some nice little beach restaurants, where you can get for example super tasty Spanish food like Paella and Tapas and refreshing drinks like ice-cold Sangria (special Spanish wine with fruits) or a cold Cerveza (beer).

Because of its fantastic atmosphere, Cala Benirras is also popular for breathtaking open-air weddings on the rocks with a perfect sea view. If you walk on the right side of the beach and up to the cliffs, you will see the little wooden chairs for the wedding guest. Once I have visited Cala Benirras, I bumped into a wonderful ceremony, where all guests like as the bridal pair, where dressed all white. The scenery, was completely decorated with beautiful flowers and when they married, the sun was in the middle of going down.

Spending the whole day there is a must, if you don’t want to miss the best part of the day:s
Enjoying a romantic sunset at this beautiful bay is absolutely stunning with its incredible lights. This place has never disappointed me in seeing an unforgettable sundowner. It is always a spectacle, but especially at the end of summer season, when the sky turns into violet colours, it just excites!

But this beach has even more to offer:

On Sundays, you can get the unique chance to experience the hippie side of the magical island.
Then, watching the sun go down at Cala Benirras, will be accompanied by drummers from all over the world, who are gathering each Sunday at this special place to live out their hippie ritual of making music together. Bring your Bongo when you come or just enjoy the hippie vibes with a little dance to the mesmerizing rhythm.

This is the place to be for you in case you want to see a different side of Ibiza with a very special cultural experience and the perfect closure of an amazing beach day!


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