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Covid19 News Ibiza 2022 and booking assistance for Ibiza Selected

Covid19 News Ibiza 2022 and booking assistance for Ibiza Selected

Dear guests,

as the same questions come up with every enquiry and booking, we are writing a summary Covid19 News Ibiza 2022 , about the most frequently asked questions, travel insurance and PCR test in Ibiza and will also update this weekly.

Corona numbers Covid19 in Ibiza: (19.04.2022)

The Balearic Islands Health Authority reports:

Updates from the Balearic Islands Health Authority for today, Tuesday 19 April 2022:

Balearic Islands-wide, 186 state-conducted PCR tests have been positive in the past 24 hours.
Ibiza reported 10 positive PCR tests today.
Formentera reported 0 positive PCR tests today.

7-day incidence:
Ibiza: 60.9
Formentera: 25.6
Mallorca: 96.7
Menorca: 69.8
Balearic Islands total: 89.1

14-day incidence:
Ibiza: 168.8 (last value of 17 April: 180.6)
Formentera: 34.2 (last value of 17 April: 42.7)
Mallorca: 260.4 (last value on 17 April: 290.5)
Menorca: 217.9 (last value on 17 April: 240.8)
Balearic Islands total: 242.7 (last value on 17 April: 269.6)

Incidence values from the Spanish Ministry of Health in Madrid

The Spanish Ministry of Health also currently only updates the incidences twice a week. The values may deviate from the Balearic Islands’ internal calculation because, among other things, the transmission of information is apparently not identical.

Current publication due to the Easter holidays on Tuesday, 12 April:
7-day incidence Balearic Islands total: 254.49 (previous publication: 215.48)
14-day incidence Balearics total: 498.33 (previous release: 479.03))

Covid19 News Ibiza 2022


News on the current entry regulations:


Since 08.04.2022, Covid-19 is classified as influenza. It is no longer necessary to fill in an entry form or wear a mask, except in supermarkets and regulated petrol stations and shops.


Our most frequent questions and answers:


Questions: 1, What happens if Spain has a new lockdown and you cannot enter the country?

Answer 1: According to international travel law, the service cannot be provided and 100% of the costs must be refunded!

Question 2: What happens if my country of departure has a lockdown and what is the legal situation in the event of a travel warning?

Answer 2: Normally, the owner of the villa cannot assume any liability here, as he can provide the booked service in his country. Nevertheless, last year at our agency all cancellations were rebooked free of charge or the money was returned on request, although many owners could legally withhold the money or demand the full amount. But we and the owners want satisfied customers and will continue to do so in 2022.

Question 3: Can the cancellation conditions be adjusted?

Answer 3: We can, after consultation with each individual homeowner, adjust the general cancellation conditions individually. We will only enquire about this once they have found a suitable property, but generally all owners are willing to do this.

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance and corona travel cover from the insurer Hanse Merkur, so that you are covered in the event of illness and other unforeseeable cancellations (including covid and travel warning ) on your part.


Please find enclosed our cancellation conditions:


Cancellations made at least 2 months before the planned date of arrival will be credited with the deposit for further reservations within the same and the following year at the same holiday property.

Cancellation fees less than 2 months:
60 to 45 days 50% of the total amount
45 to 14 days 70% of total amount
13 to 1 day 90%
In case of NO-Show 100% minus the final cleaning

If we or you find another guest for the cancelled time, you will of course be paid 100% of the booked time. Rebookings are free of charge and for cancellations we charge a flat rate of 250 € ( other agencies charge 500€ ) for this service.


PCR test in Ibiza 2022


The Dr. Marí laboratory in Ibiza Town does PCR tests every day, including Sundays and public holidays. The test result is available 24 hours later or express in less than 12 hours (as required by the Netherlands). By e-mail or on paper in English or Spanish.  Appointments for tests: 971 310 011 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or WhatsApp 664 448 713. Currently still in Ibiza Town: Carrer d’Anibal 11. From around 7 April in the new Covid laboratory at Calle Aragón 38, 07800 also in Ibiza Town.

The Biofarma laboratory also carries out tests by telephone appointment. Phone: 971 300 001 or WhatsApp 672 322 679 to make an appointment. Avenida d’Isidor Macabich, 27, 1ª. Opening hours 8.30 to 13.30 and 17 to 19.30, 07800 Eivissa.

The international private clinic “Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario” offers the test. It takes 24 hours to get the result, even on weekends. You receive the result in Spanish and English via an app on your mobile phone. Telephone appointment request via 971 302 354 (option 1 Spanish, 2 Catalan, 3 English). Address: Vía Romana s/n. 07800 Ibiza Town.

Dr Christoph Giwer in Sant Carles performs the PCR test. Appointments are available Monday to Friday, the result is available the same day. Telephone 971 326 952. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5pm to 7pm. Ses Oliveres de Peralta, Local 19-20, Sant Carles.

Biofarma Análisis Clínicos (tel.: +34971300001) in Eivissa carries out all tests. Appointments are available Monday to Saturday, and the result is available the same day.


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