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– The Almond Blossom Ibiza – At the beginning of the year the island is in full bloom


– The Almond Blossom Ibiza – At the beginning of the year the island is in full bloom

  5. January 2022

In January and February, it’s quiet on the otherwise lively party island. Most restaurants and bars close for their well-deserved winter break, and Ibizans use this time to travel or visit their families. For nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet to escape the cold weather, now is the perfect time to travel to Ibiza. Spring attracts many hikers, artists, photographers and nature lovers to the island every year with its special natural spectacle.

From mid-January to around the beginning of March, you can experience a unique, romantic natural spectacle on Ibiza thanks to the mild climate. Many different types of almond trees (almendros) shine in their white and pink splendour and envelop the land in a dreamlike sea of flowers. The whole island is covered with the beautiful almond blossoms as if in a fairytale land, which cover the Balearic island like a carpet of snow. Even a drive by car or bicycle across the island will enchant you.

Almond Tree Route recommended by us:

The best way to start the tour is by car from the airport in the direction of Sa Caleta, then continue towards Sant Josep. Before Sant Josep, turn right through the Benimussa valley until San Antonio. After that, you will come to the most beautiful and largest area, the Almond Valley, between Santa Inés and San Matéu.

Valley of Santa Agnés de Corona: Hundreds of almond trees blossom in this wide, rural area with hills and small Ibizan farmhouses. It’s really worth taking a long walk here with sturdy shoes across the fragrant fields with a fantastic view over the whole almond valley! In this region, guided hiking tours and excursions also take place at this time, as well as night hikes to marvel at the blossoms in the light of the full moon. Local farmers lovingly tend to the trees by hand and even celebrate the blossom with a small festival at the beginning of February.

Our beautiful car tour ends in the white, charming village of Santa Gertrudis in the heart of the island of Ibiza. In one of the many traditional bars or restaurants in the centre of the village, you can round off the almond tree tour with a culinary experience. To taste the almonds you should order typical Ibizan dishes such as :

“borrida de rajada” This is skate and potatoes with chopped almonds or

“guisat de peix” fish stew with fish from local waters and chopped almonds.

“panellets” and “salsa de Nadal” are prepared as dessert with the almonds

This is the perfect end to a dreamy day in a local atmosphere with the appropriate culinary delights!

Almond Blossom 2022 , Almond Tree Route


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