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The climate table of Ibiza


The climate table of Ibiza

  23. October 2017

(At the temperatures in the climate table Ibiza is the average temperature of the day and night)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dez
tempmax Ø Maximum temperature (°C) 16° 17° 19° 20° 23° 26° 29° 31° 28° 24° 19° 18°
tempmin Ø Minimum temperature (°C) 10° 14° 15° 18° 21° 22° 20° 16° 12° 10°
tempdurch Ø-Temp.(°C) 13° 14° 15° 17° 18° 22° 25° 26° 24° 20° 17° 14°
klima1 Hours of sunshine per day 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 10 8 6 6 5
tempswim Water temp. (°C) 13° 14° 15° 17° 19° 21° 24° 25° 24° 21° 18° 14°
tempregen precipitation (mm) 38 34 37 33 26 14 6 19 49 51 68 53
Ø-Rain Days
6 5 4 3 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 6

Weather Ibiza:

Actually the spring begins in Ibiza when Europe still is having winter. With the flowering almond middle to end of February the island shows its most beautiful side of nature. Everything is in bloom and since the majority of the hotel is still closed, you will only meet few tourists but many locals. The seasons starts from Easter on but high season starts up in May. The sea is already fairly bath friendly and the days are long and sunny.

In June finally you have a perfect summer which is also the perfect month for your Ibiza holiday. Although the colors of spring slowly start to fade, but still the island is nice and green. The air is clear, the water temperatures already acceptable and the number of tourists, especially in early June is still limited. In the second half of June it´s getting more busy. The opening Parties are celebrated and more and more Airplane arrive at the airport.
In July Ibiza gets pretty full. The hotels are fully booked and the old town is filled with evening crowds. It’s the time of Midsummer, best bath temperatures and you hardly find a cloud in the sky. The month of August is the absolute highlight of Ibiza. The beaches, restaurants and clubs are extremely busy and the sea has a moderately bathing temperature. In September, the island slowly gets empty again. The sea is still really warm and the clubs are all still open. Mid to late September you can attend at the first closing parties.

The fall is mid to late September with a few days of rain. Still most of the time the sun seems to shine, but the day is a little shorter and the night is also cooling down. The tourists are noticeably less and when in early October the last club shouts down the island empties suddenly.

Ibiza in winter still means mostly sunny days and up into December good bathing temperatures. The island however is very quiet during Christmas and New Year. In Ibiza there is no winter tourism like in Mallorca, so almost all bars, clubs and hotels are closed. The landscape is green and the atmosphere relaxed. The best in winter is to stay in the capital of the island. Here you find a few Hotels that are open in the evenings and who offers really nice prices.


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