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Coaching and Breathwork

SOMATIC EMPOWERMENT: A Journey to Deep Transformation Through Holistic Coaching and Practices

SOMATIC EMPOWERMENT is based on a broad system of deep touch, verbal coaching, breathwork, movement and tailor made practice. Tapping into unknown sources of your energy to flourish in your focused areas of life. Get the results you want. Grow beyond physical, emotional & spiritual challenges – into sustainable life changes. Discover your uniqueness. It is about finding your very individual style to grow through patterns, obstacles, challenges following your somatic flow to empower yourself in life. It´s about accessing your power to own and embody the right somatic tools to use your energy, clarity and focus in the best possible way to evolve, grow and do whatever it takes to live your life fully. Be yourself fully. Trained and certified in 3,5 years of the Grinberg Method and 1,5 years of the Pantarei Approach, TAYA’s work helps to release trauma and tension in not only the body but also from deep within the soul. Many years of embodiment and spiritual practice, focused on self-growth and various types of coaching, mindfulness, healing, empowered mindset and energy work, coupled with Taya’s unique strength, skill and love, gives her the expertise to offer clients deep transformation.



A full-presence 3-12 month customized program. Choose your unique combination of somatic sessions, tailor-made practice audios, daily check-ins, somatic exercises and Skype sessions if traveling.


Transform your body, mind and life in a process of 10 empowering somatic sessions.


A process focused on self-healing and growing beyond challenges. Paid by individual session.


An in-depth intensive session designed to create deep change. Includes check-in prior to the session, 3 hours’ one-on-one profound somatic coaching, customised practice audio and aftercare.


Seminars, coaching and intensives to connect your life purpose and your business.


An individual 2-hour somatic session to deeply reconnect to your body, mind and soul.


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Embark on a distinct vacation experience with Ibiza Selected, where our commitment is evident in every aspect. Immerse yourself in the allure of our carefully curated vacation properties, including villas, fincas, holiday homes, and apartments, each exuding charm, flair, and unique design. Your most cherished days of the year deserve nothing less. Our Ibiza journey began in 2004, driven by our love for this enchanting island. As residents since 2005, we established Ibiza Selected in 2010.
Craft your ideal escape by selecting from various sizes, price categories, and additional services.

Whether you seek the tranquility of self-catering or the indulgence of a 5-star hotel, Ibiza Selected accommodates your preferences. From personally inspected properties to on-site check-ins and a 24/7 reachability, Ibiza Selected ensures a seamless experience. Join us and relish the benefits, including private concierge service, personalised attention, and a multilingual team fluent in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Hebrew.

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