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Massage & Relax

Massage & Relax

Take a relaxing break from day to day life with one of our wide variety of massage delights!

Ibiza Relax Massage
Unwind with a Swedish massage and some aromatic oils. It alleviates stress and tension for blissful relief and relaxation. Soft to medium pressure.

Detoxification Massage
Designed to release toxins and increase blood and oxygen circulation. This therapeutic massage effectively boosts the immune system to restore the body‘s natural balance. Combination of deep drainage, stimulation of organs, deep tissue and reflexology points.

Total Wellbeing Experience Asia
Asian massage techniques initiated with warm lime towels and a lemongrass hand and foot scrub. Followed by a Thai foot massage ritual and a relaxing shoulder, back and neck massage. Completed with an energizing acupressure and aromatherapy full body massage.

Ibiza Bliss Massage & Warm Herbal Stamps
Good for overworked muscle aches and pains. Exclusive to Ibiza Balance treatments, this symmetry massage is a holistic approach to balancing the body by using signature massage techniques, such as a long stroke palm and herbal balls.Medium to strong pressure.

This healing massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. It utilizes thumb pressure and skin rolling in combination with stretches and joint mobilizations. Followed by a session of head acupressure to relax the mind. This healing massage is both relaxing and energizing.

A manipulative therapy developed in Japan, Shiatsu involves applying pressure to special points or areas on the body in order to maintain physical and mental wellbeing, treat disease or alleviate discomfort.

Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Massage & Warm Herbal Stamps, Thai Yoga Oil Massage
Acupressure point massage with deep stretches that creates relief, balances flexibility and releases tension throughout the body. Perfect treatment combination after a physical workout or yoga session. Choose between Traditional Thai Massage Style, Thai with warm herbal stamps or aromatic oil and deep tissue massage.

Thai Foot Massage
Ideal for tired legs and feet! Relaxing acupressure and stretches for feet and lower legs to improve blood circulation and promote a healthy, balanced body. Initiated with an aromatic foot bath and natural salts from Ibiza.

Tibetan Balance Massage
A powerful and deep-acting massage used in the high valleys of the Himalayas. Submit your body to a vigorous session of intense and rhythmic massage designed to alleviate specific muscle tension and stress.
Ayurvedic Flow Massage

A sensory massage with warm sesame oil plus a creation of aromatherapy that will leave you floating on air.

Back Massage “just to relax”
Shortened back massage or full body massage for couples and friends.

Rebalancing is a powerful form of bodywork combining body awareness, a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue release, energy and breath work, body reading, as well as emotions and their expression.

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