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Ibiza in spring – is it even worth a trip to the Balearic island before summer?

Ibiza in spring – is it even worth a trip to the Balearic island before summer?

Ibiza – an island where probably most people would like to spend their holidays. Delicious food, sunny, warm weather and always something going on! It is understandable that some of us are drawn there not only in the summer months. What could be better in February than to be spoiled by the sunshine while relaxing with your loved ones over a round of tapas? Today we will show you what the famous Balearic Island has to offer in the low season and introduce you to the advantages of a visit even in the winter months!

High season and openings on Ibiza

First of all, we would like to clarify the most important question: When is high season in Ibiza, actually? Known as a party island, Ibiza attracts most people in the period between the end of May and the beginning of October. If you are interested in visiting bars, clubs and restaurants, you will definitely not miss out here! From mid-June onwards, you can assume that the island is the perfect place for a holiday, especially for those who love to party. 

The low season and its advantages

Sure, in the high season most visitors come. But for many potential vacationers this is simply too crowded, too stressful or even too expensive. So it would be obvious to simply travel in the off-season! And in Ibiza that’s not such a bad idea. Also in the low season you can experience a lot and have a great time! Despite the island’s reputation, you should never limit Ibiza to just a party island, because this magical place has so much more to offer.

The blossom awakens

If you decide to visit Ibiza around Christmas time, you will see the incredible blooms of the island! Because when we in Europe eagerly wait for the snow to come, Ibiza’s almond trees bloom into a pink sea of flowers. In this respect, the Valley of the Crown in Santa Agnès is definitely worth seeing – here, one feels directly like in a fairy tale. Just the right thing to escape the cold winter months in December and January.

In peace lies the strength

It doesn’t always have to be a party holiday – especially for people who just want to relax on holiday, the low season on Ibiza is just perfect. Santa Gertrudis, known as the most beautiful village on the island, invites you to spend a relaxing afternoon in a bar or a long walk. Here you can simply relax and unwind. The Spanish serenity is even better expressed when the villages are freed from the hustle and bustle of the people. Also those who are interested in the traditional life of the locals can get into conversation much easier. The quiet atmosphere is also particularly interesting for families with children or elderly people. Especially in the low season, i.e. before May and after October, you can really let the island take effect on you in peace.

Free choice of seats at the beach

It’s hard to imagine, but even in January you can already be lying in the sun in Ibiza. Admittedly, the temperatures do not reach tropical areas at this time. However, for many people this is an advantage of the low season. At a pleasant 15-20 degrees and a deserted beach you can spend a whole day in the sun with a book or chilled music. And the best thing about it is a completely stress-free morning! While holidaymakers in the high season have to fight for a shady spot, in the low season you have the free choice! So you can already enjoy the view of the shallow sea at breakfast. And all this without a lot of tourists. 

The Ibiza hippies

The what? – you may now ask yourself. But it is true: In some places on Ibiza the hippie culture of the 60s is still alive! If you want to experience that, you have the best chance in the off-season. Because here the focus is not on the tourism industry, but solely on the traditional and authentic way of life of the inhabitants. Those who make their way all the way to San Juan have the opportunity to admire the hippie market every Sunday between 10:00 and 16:00. In addition to food, you can also find all kinds of souvenirs, art products and live music! If you want to go on a journey through time, this is the right place for you.

What do you think – is a trip to Ibiza worthwhile in the low season? We think so: Definitely! And some people may claim that the low season in Ibiza has even more to offer than the high season. But in any case, the relaxation factor is much higher. But just make up your own mind – and simply try both!

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